Safeguarding Adult Board Meetings

The West Sussex Safeguarding Adults Board meets four times a year and its key functions include:

Providing good governance across the partnership agencies that work with adults at risk of harm;

Strategic planning by agreeing shared priorities for improving outcomes for people at risk of harm,

Setting standards and guidance through agreed policies and procedures and protocols,

Assuring quality through activity reporting, data analysis and learning lessons from case audits and reviews, including Safeguarding Adult Reviews,

Promoting participation of people who receive services, their carers, and advocates and agencies such as Healthwatch,

Raising Awareness particularly public awareness of how to recognise vulnerability and abuse, and how to report it,

Building capacity and training ensuring staff and volunteers working with people at risk have appropriate values and skills to assess and meet their needs,

Relationship management developing partnerships that respond in a joined up, person centred way to ensure good outcomes for each person who has experienced harm

Our Members