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The information in this section is for professionals who work with adults with care and support needs.

Safeguarding adults thresholds

This safeguarding threshold documents provides professionals with guidance and examples of the different categories of issues and the best course of action for non-reportable; requires consultation and reportable issues.

NEW – Safeguarding thresholds document

West Sussex SAB polices, procedures and protocols

Adult safeguarding policy and procedures

Sussex adult safeguarding policy and procedures

Escalation Procedures

 Operational Framework for Managing Provider Concerns

Quality Assurance Framework

Competency framework 

Competency frameworks for professionals in practice when safeguarding adults


Safeguarding Professional Zone On West Sussex Connect to Support (including Safeguarding Concern Forms, Body templates, Cause of Risk guidance, etc.)

National Mental Capacity Act – Bournemouth University and The National Centre of Post-Qualifying Social Work and Professional Practice

Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Safeguarding Adult Reviews (West Sussex)

Sussex Safeguarding Adult Review Protocol V2 (May 2018)

SAR Referral Form

2020 SAR Briefing Note on Safeguarding Adult Referral Review


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