Safeguarding Month 2018

Safeguarding Month 2018

Following the success of West Sussex Safeguarding Week last year, this year we are about to embark on a whole month of awareness raising and learning opportunities to help partners and communities to find out more about safeguarding and the role we all have to play in keeping ourselves and those around us safe.

West Sussex Safeguarding Adults Board teamed up together with the Safeguarding Children Board and with Safer West Sussex (Community Safety) Partnership.  The programme has over 60 events and sessions happening all over West Sussex.  There are additional events and sessions around the county that are still being developed or are internal sessions, and these will be given a “shout out” throughout the month.  If you would like a shout out, just put “Safeguarding Month Shout Out” in the title of your email and send to:

and we will give you a shout out! 

      West Sussex Safeguarding Month Programme 2018


      What safeguarding means to me

 “What safeguarding means to me” is our social media campaign for Safeguarding Month 2018 and we are asking partners, individuals and community groups to tell us what safeguarding means to them.  We would very much like you to engage in the campaign too!   Large poster versions will be made available as well so please do get in touch (via the community safety email address: if you would like a poster for your team.

You can also print out a poster promoting safeguarding month.


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